About Us

We started in 2003 with four Highland cows as a hobby. Before too long our hobby became a family business employing all five of us. Now we have a herd of 80 grass fed beef cattle, mostly Highland with some Belted Galloway and Aberdeen Angus.

We also have a flock of 30 sheep, and pasture reared pigs from a range of native breeds including Saddleback, Gloucester Old Spot and Large White.

Farm Shop and Market Stalls

In February 2013 we took on a farm shop and butchers on the edge of Halifax to provide a local outlet for our products. We also run a number of stalls on local markets and farmers markets.

Richard can be found at the markets stalls in Todmorden, Hebden Bridge and Wentworth, Gretta will be at the farm or on one of the stalls, on Thursday and Saturday you will find Harry at Barnoldswick market and on the farm during the week, and Jack and Chris are usually at the shop in Halifax.

Highland cattle on the farmMaking sausagesOur market stall