Calving is well underway on the farm! He…

Calving is well underway on the farm! Here’s our newest bull calf, he’s a beef shorthorn cross dexter. This little lad decided to come backwards so it was a trip to the vet late last night for us. Thank you to Airworth Vets for getting him out alive and kicking via C-section.

It’s been a busy day at Marsh Top Farm! …

It’s been a busy day at Marsh Top Farm! We’ve built snowmen, collected ducky eggs, fixed tractors, visited great grandparents and also added to our animal family. Happy Monday everyone!! ⛄️🐷🚜

Fresh sausage flavours this weekend pork…

Fresh sausage flavours this weekend pork old English , Lincolnshire , Toulouse , Welsh dragon , sorrento , wild boar and chicken lemon and herb . We got chicken Kiev , beef truffles, chicken and beef fillet parcels and garlic lamb croquets.As well as all our usual meats we have fresh venison as well . So please brave the weather
Todmorden 9 am t 3 pm
Shop at shay lane 9 am t 1 pm .
Wentworth farmers 9 am t 12.30 pm
Hebden farmers 9 am t 4 pm .

Thanks to all our customers who have bee…

Thanks to all our customers who have been out and supported us through the horrid weather this January here’s looking forward to hopefully a bit better weather February fingers crossed .

Our first ‘Real Food Ilkley’ of the new year takes place next Sunday, 4th February 10am -3pm.
We have some of the best food producers in the region coming along including Real Food Ilkley favourites:
Plenty, Really Indian, Secret Truffles, Gerhard’s Pretzels, Love Brownies, Third Wave, Hel’s Bowls, Marsh Top, Copper Spoon Cakery, Leeds Bread Co-op, Organic Pantry, Bree’s Tea, Trickie Dickies, Giuliano’s, Wharfedale Fine Cheeses, Gluten Freekz
Plus we have guests stalls: Yorkshire Pies, Lasagnas on the Road, Ruthy’s Tablet, Cossack Cuisine.

And, as if all that wasn’t enough, we also have Jamie Squire and Son playing from 11:45am.
We really hope you are able to join us.

Real Food Ilkley is a C.I.C (community interest company) and is always grateful for any offers of help. We would be particularly appreciative of if anyone might be able to help with set up next Sunday morning, 4th Feb between 8 – 9:30am

Photos from Real Food Ilkley’s postWhy b…

Photos from Real Food Ilkley’s post

Why buy British Beef? We can tell you exactly why, but before we do we’d like to give a shout out to Marsh Top Farm shop, a regular at Real Food Ilkley looking forward to seeing you next Sunday at Real Food Ilkley, 4th Feb 10am – 3pm.

….In Britain, some of the highest welfare standards in the world regulate the way that our beef is produced.
No growth-promoting hormones are fed to beef cattle in the UK and antibiotics are only administered if prescribed by a vet.
Every animal can be traced to its mother and place of birth with the British cattle passport system.
Britain’s beef industry is the envy of the world. Breeding from our livestock and genetics from breeds native to Britain are much sought after by farmers in other countries.
Top 10 native cattle breeds are: Highland, Belted Galloway, English Longhorn, Red Poll, White Park, Hereford, British White, Ayrshire, Aberdeen Angus, South Devon,
The distance between each farm and shop is smaller than imported beef. This means fresher meat and less of a carbon footprint.
Buying British beef supports British farmers. In turn, this helps keep the countryside how it looks today. No cows: No countryside!
Beef is naturally rich in protein and it provides eight essential vitamins and minerals that support good health and well-being.
Choosing British beef means supporting British farmers whose work helps to keep the British countryside the way we want it to look: no cows – no countryside!
Why buy British Beef? Because it’s the best in the world and part of our national heritage!

Cart believe this was three years ago ….

Cart believe this was three years ago .5 years since we came into the shop beginning of February thank to everyone for there support keeping our family business growing in every way xxThe North’s number one farming guide. For more information visit the website at